Most diabetic patients will follow a pattern of ideas to try to rebalance blood sugars as follows;

  • Diet and blood testing
  • Exercise(where possible) and blood testing
  • Diabetic drugs and blood testing
  • Insulin and blood testing

This website was set up by Janet Elwick a UK Global Diabetes Specialist to try to enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of the diabetic patient. The ideas most taken on board were from diabetic patients old and young from Medicine Use Reviews. Janet believes no one should change or stop any diabetic drugs or insulin without discussing matters with their diabetic team or their doctor. Janet believes the full complementary spectrum of health aids, drugs and vitamins can enhance the diabetic patients feeling of wellbeing. Education is the key for the patient and this website hopes to give an understanding of diabetes for all ages and ability.
Living with diabetes means having to pay attention to things that most of your friends don’t need to think about. Remembering to give yourself insulin, blood tests, watching what you eat and matching insulin dose.