The Power of the Pituitary

The most important endocrine gland in the body, switched on and stressed kicking off hormones that fire every other organ in the endocrine system. Keep that tinder box dry. In a relaxed or meditative stage the switch moves to a relaxation mode which kick off totally different chemicals that have a healing relaxative effect on the human body.

How the patients may feel

When the pituitary gland is unbalanced in any way, welcome to hell. Patients initially try to just get on with their lives, usually a state of collapse is reached unless the patient has been really lucky and some clever medical practitioner has identified a problem at an early stage. Early intervention is life saving and early signs or illness can be identified and medicated before crisis point kicks in. When the pituitary goes into free fall anything can happen so it is important to try and settle it down. Good diet, lifestyle changes with gentle exercise and meditation can make profound positive influences.