We were inspired to start this website by a 23-year-old young man who has suffered from type 1 diabetes since he was three years of age.

His courage of explaining to us how he has coped and the deepest feelings of his illness has kicked started my writing. After researching autoimmune disease for 22 years and extensive study over the past two years we hit a wall and could not comprehend how to begin this momentous task.

After a medicine use review with this young man, we realised this knowledge had to be recorded to help future generations. The kindness and understanding of the autoimmune community, the willingness to share their hardest toughest times with other fellow patients has made us determined to produce a helpful site which is easy to understand about what is actually going on inside our bodies and how we can take responsibility on to help our own health. The biggest most significant event today was how other autoimmune patients feel day today and the longing for someone to talk to who actually understands what it is like to live day to day with autoimmune disease.