Young children are normally very good at accepting and wanting to understand their diabetes. The main idea for them to understand is that when the diabetes is well controlled they can live a normal life. They need sensible ideas to keep them to a good diet, it is no good expecting them to eat foods they do not like to control their diabetes otherwise they will feel depressed. Let them see the full spectrum of what they can eat and choose what they would like to include in their diet. For occasional treats their insulin could be used and adjusted. The main focus is that the child understands the range required for healthy living. Usually the children meet the challenge well. Often the parents find it most difficult and especially when injections are involved. It is a serious illness, however, if well managed the diabetic will live till a good old age, with a good quality of life.

Reassurance and positivity needed here from the health practitioner to the patient. They must feel confident that they can and will control this diabetes.