• 2.9 million living with diabetes in UK predicted to increase to 5 million by 2025.
  • £10 billion spent on diabetes by the NHS but 80% of complications are avoidable with improved management of the condition.
  • Ideas for the pharmacy profession to manage the disease leading to a service which would lead to better outcomes.
  • MUR bootcamp- Aims to give the right advice, when trying to do the right thing for the patient, when you are busy. Tips to change mindset.
  • Structured MUR consultation guide
  • Patient MUR record form
  • Improve your Diabetes leaflet
  • Pancreas is exocrine and endocrine gland

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Cells in pancreas;

  • Alpha- targets liver cells to increase blood levels
  • Beta- targets cells throughout the body to take up free glucose to give glycogen
  • Delta somatostatin-targets alpha beta pancreatic cells and GI tract
  • F cells- targets pancreatic and gall bladder