57 years diabetic, Tim is qualified to speak about day to day life as a diabetic. A very happy and confident diabetic patient, keeping regular watch on his diabetic control. He was confident to share his life to help other diabetics establish a routine quickly. As every one is individual the tastes of some of his food ideas may not suit, however, it’s a good quick start with sensible ideas. Pick out what works for you.
Testing blood for glucose levels 4-5 times daily means you are taking control.
Try injecting oranges to learn how to inject your body when you initially discover you need to inject.
Always consider what exercise you have undertaken the previous day to testing to see how different types of exercise influences your sugar levels. This information could be entered in a diary. Tim found gardening brings sugar levels down fast and low. Be aware of any heavy exercise which could influence sugars, stop half way through and have a biscuit. Check glucose levels of blood.
Log time of day you have experienced hypos.
Morning test important.
Ensure your sugar levels are a little bit high 9-10 before going to bed on a night time.
Lucozade is very good to have handy.
Test and adjust gives Tim regulation and balance which makes him feel confident.
Not testing regular is when things happen. Testing gives you a chance to take action before it’s too late and hypo occurs.

What Tim eats

8.30 am   Cornflakes, prunes and hard small banana, (the softer the banana the higher the sugar goes)
12.30   sandwitch (brown bread) ham, pease pudding, cheese and onion.
3pm   Tea no sugar and biscuit or toastie with ham and tomato
5pm   Hotpot ,casserole, salad and roast potatoes
8pm   After blood test uses cream crakers, cheese and jam to adjust blood sugar if it is too low before bed

What to do in a hypo

First main change is a certain look in the diabetics eyes. The diabetic is not aware of it but friends and family could point out that they are worried if they notice changes in the eyes.
The diabetic patient may feel well but the family can notice changes if the patient is going into hypo.
Tim likes to keep to 2,400 calories per day he finds it easy to control and follow.
Tim feels initially its trial and error, everyone is different and reacts differently to various foods.

Thanks Tim for sharing this information.

Diabetic Patricks Top Tips

  • Every morning a blood glucose test to keep in the range of 5.6-7.5
  • No sweet stuff
  • Plain biscuits, thick tea, rich tea or digestive
  • 1 or 2 squares of chocolate
  • Discipline, try to develop it
  • Try to keep the same diet each week
  • Avoid syrup, tinned fruit in juice
  • Mid-day casseroles of lean chicken or steak with 2-3 vegetables, mashed potato
  • Cut portions down

Thanks Patrick for sharing this information