Death prevention miracles for diabetics.


Types of insulin available in UK

Key is patient has a choice and is given an insulin to suit their needs, usually based on when the insulin is taken.

  • Fast acting
  • Short acting
  • Long acting
  • Pre-mixed combination

Source of Insulins

  • Traditionally cows and pigs, still available marked bovine and porcine respectively
  • Human
  • Analogue

Human insulin is not from humans but grown in the lab from bacterial E.coli cells genetically engineered to produce the hormone. Many patients complain they do not feel their hypos coming on and carry rowntrees pastilles , glucose tablets, glucose solution or mars bars around with them for a quick sugar boost until they can obtain a sandwitch. Patients on the cow and pig insulin usually could tell onset of hypo and had more time to deal with it.

Advantages of Insulin Pens

  • Dose can be preset, useful for patients with impaired eyesight or who are younger
  • Discreet and portable

Tips for insulin pens

  • Check cartridge is loaded
  • Check expiriy date
  • Screw needle onto end, prime pen to clear any residual air
  • Ensure required dose is dialled in
  • Pinch a fold of skin push needle in at 90 degrees and press plunger
  • After a few seconds remove needle from the skin, take off pen and discard in a sharps bin