The only way we know what is going on in the human body is by regular blood testing. If the hypodermic equipment is not sharp enough to pierce the skin multiple problems can occur.

Injection devices

  • Autopen
  • ClickSTAR
  • HumaPen Luxura
  • HumaPen Luxura HD
  • NovoPen
  • OptiClik
  • OptiPen Pro 1
  • Lancets
  • Sterile single use
  • Ascensia Microlet
  • BD Microfine
  • CareSens
  • Cleanlet Fine
  • Fastclix
  • Finepoint
  • Freestyle
  • Milward steri-let
  • Monolet
  • Mpd ultra thin
  • Multiclix
  • One touch
  • Comfort
  • Sofclix
  • Thin lancets
  • Unilet comfort touch
  • Unilet eco
  • Unilet general purpose superlite
  • Unistix 
  • Universal
  • Vitrex 
  • Wave sense


Hypodermic needles sterile single use, for use with reusable glass syringe

  • 0.5mm(25G)
  • 0.45mm(26G)
  • 0.4mm(27G) Brands include Microlance/Monoject

Needle for prefilled and reusable pen injectors

Screw on

  • 6.1mm or less
  • 6.2-9.9mm
  • 10mm or more

Brands include BD Microfine, Novofine, Novotwist, Unifine, Pentips.

Snap on

  • 6.1mm or less
  • 6.2-9.9mm
  • 10mm or more

Brands include penfine


  • Hypodermic Syringe
  • Pre-Set U100 
  • U100 with needle


  • Needle clipping device
  • Sharpsguard, sharpsbin

Lots of equipment out there to try to make regular testing as pain free as possible.

A good blood test by a health professional qualified to take blood should not leave marks, bruises or any muscle twitching. If problems occur ask for some other qualified to take bloods, done with a sharp syringe, relaxation and a reasonable time factor blood taking can be a pleasant experience with no problems.