Demystifying Diabetes: The Journey Begins

4th & 5th July 2018 - Quality Hotel - Boldon - £195

Medicalbootcamp has pulled together a spectacular cross curricular product for the diabetic patient who has just found out they are diabetic. What does the health educator need to help them understand the diabetic condition and how it can be controlled? Simplifying diabetes using cartoon characters ‘The Glucose Control Squad’

With help and guidance from Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Paramedics, Teachers, Pharmacists, Technicians, Digital Designers, Printers and the well established Diabetic Patients. All working together to give a grest product to help with the understanding of the diabetic condition. All sharing ideas, everything checked and verified to give a fun evidence based pack to help the diabetic patient understand their illness and take ownership to control it.

Come along to an informative event to help you save time and money in your delivery of diabetic education to patients and their families.

Receive a free Resource Pack and two Wall Charts with a total value of over £100 to guide your diabetic patients.

This event is open to teachers and health educators/professionals only and is not targeted to members of the public.

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